Thursday, January 10, 2008

Resignation Reality: Escaping My Prison

One of my favorite books of all time is The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas. If you've never read the book or seen the movie you should. Why? Because I liken the story to what I and probably many others experience at work. In the book a young man named Edmund Dantes is a 2nd mate on a ship and proves himself to be worthy of becoming a captain of a ship at a very young age. As he sees this success in front of him, which also includes wedding his beautiful young fiance, it is stripped from him by scheming so called colleagues and he is imprisoned unjustly. He eventually escapes, acquires vast riches and takes on the moniker of the Count, exacting revenge on those who imprisoned him.

Now you're probably thinking "what the hell is Turtle King writing?" Well, much like the character in the book I have been full of energy and skill, promised positions, and had them pulled from in front of me only to see my opportunities go to complete idiots. I have been trapped in my current job for a long 4 years, feeling imprisoned much like the young Edmund Dantes. But much like the character I have finally made my escape and am free from my work prison. I have resigned today to take a better job for more pay, better incentives and better benefits and I feel ALIVE!!

But what about the revenge? Unlike the good 'ole Count, I have chosen to take the higher road and not partake in revenge. My revenge is in escaping my goofy company, incompetent boss, and idiotic executives.. There are times that I really think about giving my boss a few verbal shots for all he stress and heartache he has caused me, but then I realize...I'm better than that! Even as he threw a couple verbal jabs at me today I stayed calm, like the Turtle I am, and let them roll off my shell. In my mind I just kept thinking what a sad individual he is. He's old (64), he's fat, he's bald, he's incompetent, and he never was and never will be even half the leader I am. I take his jabs with a smile on my face, which pisses him off even more, I can see it in his face. He can no longer get to me because he has nothing over me and it irritates the shit out of him.

Yes, my fellow Turtles, I am free from my work prison! On to become a Wolf again!!


Congrats on your escape! As a recently departed member of your crew, I can say that freedom taste so sweet. Long live the turtle master, Go Sox.

Congrats, TK, on a well-deserved escape! I know your joy, was trapped for 5 years somewhere before I got to bolt. It will take a few weeks of deprogramming since you're used to a dysfunctional environment. I celebrate your escape and hope you don't forget your little blog now that you'll be movin' on up and not hiding in your shell. Congrats. :)



While I applaud your successful escape, I urge you to remember that many of your readers are stuck in their turtle-like existences, for many reasons.

For them, I'd like to ask you to keep blogging, and not to simply forget your prior existence as a turtle.

I enjoy reading your blog posts, and I've only occasionally disagreed with your positions. The mere existence of another fellow sufferer (or, prior sufferer) helps the rest of us turtles get along, and to feel like we're not alone.

So - no fair creating this excellent blog, filling it with all kinds of humorous and thoughtful turtle observations, and then pulling the old 'exit, stage left'. We need you, Turtle King!

Well done King. Smart move taking the high road. Best of luck with the new position.

Are you going to post my comment from the other day?

Are you posting ANY comments?

Are you even reading this site anymore?

What happens when, inevitably, you return to being a turtle?

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