Thursday, November 8, 2007

What Irritates You at Work?

Today I begin my day by printing out a report that I was sent. It's early in the day and very few people are in the office. I say to myself "I'll have a few moments hear to read this over in silence before the idiots come in." I stroll over to the printer and instead of seeing my report I'm greeted by the amber color flashing "printer error" button. For the 10,000th time the printer has jammed when I wanted to print something and as usual I practically pull the printer completely apart and cannot find the jam. I basically say "fuck it" and question why the hell I'm even reading a report in the first place...I'm a Turtle. But I'm reminded that our cheap and constantly screwed up printer is just one of the many irritations I encounter in my work week.

I then sit down in my office and begin to rattle off a bunch of other irritations that completely drive me insane. I then think..wouldn't it be an interesting challenge to my fellow Turtles out there to see what irritates you? You see, I write all the time about my experiences and philosophy and never really give you all a chance to vent to me. Now is your chance!

You can either respond to this post with a comment or go to the Turtles at Work message board and post what irritates you. I have created a Work Irritations post there. Feel free to tell me your irritations and maybe through Turtle Therapy we can help relieve some of your irritations. LOL.

Turtle King


I HATE people who come to work sick.

The company gives out free flu shots that can possible make you sick. So all these people take advantage of it, because it is free. I swear it is a superbug they are using to weed out those close to death (aka retirement).

I mean this company does not even give a free turkey or ham at thanksgiving, but then you are too sick from the "flu shot" to eat anyway.

Then for those turtles who rely on our shells who avoided the shot we now have to endure the "flu shot" epidemic, which entails having coworkers hacking and snivelling all over the place spreading their germs.

And is it just coincidence that the heat spots working about the same time??? I think not.


Thanks for the comment Virgo. Hey, my company doesn't even give away a free flu shot. They just make sure the air quality and circulation is so poor that bacteria and virus' fester. There are mounds of dust piling up all over our building then when the heat goes on all the bacteria mate and super virus' are created.

I have one lady outside my office that seriously coughed and hacked for 2 straight weeks. Then there was the over zealous sneezer that sneezes soo loud that you could hear her from blocks away.

Ohhh..the life of turtle at work is not easy. LOL.

Thanks again for the comment.

Turtle King

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