Monday, October 15, 2007

Does Your Company Fail the Grade?

Recently I was contacted by a recruiter conerning a position. I was very excited by the contact and the chance to escape from the dungeon (my current company). I spoke with the recruiter for about an hour as he filled me in on the position and company that he was trying to fill a position for. I was very encouraged and am awaiting word back on next steps.

The recruiter gave me his website and encouraged me to review his background and the site overall. In looking over the recruiter's site I found that he publishes a newsletter with some pretty good content. I came across one of his articles in which he talks about the type of company you work for and translates the types into "grades". I thought I'd share the following with all you Turtles as I thought it was very worth while and thought provoking:

What Grade is Your Company?
"Grade A and B companies generally want upwardly mobile people. Grade C companies want people who can perform a specific task adequately. Grade D companies want the cheapest person they can find. Look around you and decide where you are and what you want to be. The earlier in your career you recognize it the easier it is to change."

I, like many of you are stuck in a Grade D company. They want the world, but pay pennies. When your stuck with a Grade D company you are going to become a Turtle eventually because D companies don't want high performers, they want warm bodies. Grade D companies generally are going to pay the upper echelon big shots way to much and the people who actually make the company run way to little. It's a reality that I experience day in and day out. If you are with a Grade D company, take the recruiters advice and make a change. I can only hope this recruiter can hook me up with the Grade A company he is recruiting for. Unfortunately if that happens I have to hang it up as a Turtle at Work and go back to being a Wolf. We'll see!!


Just found this site. Ok big compliment coming your way.. you have saved my sanity!!!!!! In a year I have gone from wolf to turtle (High Esteem to Low Esteem)
I still struggle being a turtle and crave to be a wolf once again, but clearly see being a wolf creats PROBLEMS. Co-workers hate you, bosses are intimidated and workload is OVERLOAD. As a turtle I have the pleasure of harmony and no overtime. Still, I crave a company that's overrun with wolves... my brain is eating itself.

Thanks for the compliment. For how easy it is to be a turtle, I too crave the potential at becoming a wolf again. You have to be a turtle at work, but a wolf in your job search. LOL

Turtle King

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