Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Deep Thoughts: Those Burning Questions I Ask Myself!

Like most of you, I have thoughts throughout my day relating ot my job. Below are my deep thoughts from today. Most times these burning questions we have will never be answered but at least we think of them and probably laugh about them with the other competent people we work with. Enjoy and send in your burning work questions!

  1. Why is the carpet color in the office purple, did they have a discount on that rug color or is it subliminal torture?
  2. Why is my boss so incredibly negative, he's making big bucks to do nothing, shouldn' t he be incredibly happy?
  3. If Human Resources is supposed to be the "people department" then why is it that the HR people at my company are generally rude, unhelpful and unavailable?
  4. Why doesn't anyone at my company realize that all the problems and errors are due to a lack of training?
  5. If I"m salaried and do not have set hours, why is it a big deal if I leave 15 minutes before 5pm?
  6. What would happen if everyone in the office turned into brown nosers? Would people be confused about what ass to kiss?
  7. Why do people respond to emails about stuff that doesn't matter, yet ignore emails about stuff that is really important?

Sorry it's been a while since a post. It's been a busy couple weeks. In the preceeding post I have updated the All Time List of Business Cliches based on the emails and comments sent it. Please feel free to keep sending in those cliches as you hear them. I'm trying to figure out a way to post some type of list on one of the sidebars.


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