Sunday, June 10, 2007

It Could Be Worse

As I was riding to work the other day I detracted from my normal thoughts of workplace monotony. Instead of thinking about my deathmarch from the parking lot to my office, I began to think "hey, it could be worse." I mean, my job basically sucks, but I could be in a worse situation. I then began to think about possible situations that could be worse than working at my pointless job. Here is the list of situations that might possibly be worse than mine.

Septic Tank Repair Person. Imagine, starting your day with a four alarm septic tank overflow, knowing your the guy that has to fix it and clean it up. Your senses are probably numb from the constant stench of other people's shit.

Dog Crap Picker-Upper. Some smart entrepreneur figured that people are to lazy to pick up their own dog's crap, so they started dog crap pick up business. Aside from being disgusting imagine this scene.

Person: "Hey, what do you do for a living"
Dog Crap Picker Upper: "Uh, I'm a dog sanitation technician".
Person: "What exactly is that?"
Dog Crap Picker Upper: "Basically I go to people's homes and pick up their dog's crap."
Person: inaudible response due to laughter

Male Prostitute. Thoughts of Duece Bigalow Male Jigalow come to mind on this one.. I mean, sure it would be great if you were a male prostitute for a bunch of Christy Brinkley type women, but let's face it, women who pay for sex are probably more likely to resemble Roseanne Barr, Rosie O'Donnell, or the landlord from the movie Kingpin

I apologize to any of my readers that work in the Septic Tank Repair Business, Dog Crap Clean Up Business, or are currently earning a living as a Male Prostitute. However, these situations are all much worse than mine. In the end, dealing with incompetent and overpaid executives isn't the worst that could happen to me. It's close, but as I said early, it could be worse!
Feel free to comment with jobs or situations that you think are worse than yours. I look forward to hearing your comments.


I spent 30 minutes reading several of your posts. You write like I felt for almost 15 years working in various financial institutions. I never realized how sad I was until I read some of your writings. Even a loser gets lucky sometime I think the song goes. One of your readers stated what I would offer as well. Stop blogging about how terrible the work life is and get into a more entrpreneurial environment. Last three years I have been working in a small company - my own, and with 13 employees we have eliminated almost all of the "crap" you write about. I can say with all honesty I am not the boss I use to have. We aren't a bunch of kids either. In fact, a good chunk of us are the burns-outs of past lives. We hated who we were in those past lives and are now doing something about it. I can't tell you how envigorating this is. Fuck all that corporate crap! Believe me when you walk away from it you begin to realize that not everyone above you is an idiot. In fact, it is more to the truth that states you just didn't belong in that corporate world. Best of Luck Turtle!

Thank you for your comments. I would really like to explore starting my own business, but unfortunately it takes money to make money. I'm in my mid 30's and just don't have the financial resources available to me to start a business.

I do believe that this is a path I need to take and am trying to work towards being my own boss. Hey, if you have any money to invest, I'm a pretty smart guy! LOL. Last year I saved my company $1.2 million and got a $3,000 raise.

Turtle King

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